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Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic

Elevating your photography through photo editing is a crucial practice, and Adobe Lightroom Classic streamlines this task with remarkable ease. Converting a good photo into an extraordinary one becomes a straightforward process, thanks to the powerful features embedded in Lightroom Classic.


However, Lightroom Classic goes beyond being a mere photo editor; it serves as a robust library system for your extensive photo collection. Offering various organizational and search functionalities, Lightroom Classic becomes an invaluable tool to navigate through your images efficiently. Bid farewell to time-consuming searches for photos taken years ago – Lightroom Classic simplifies the process, ensuring that locating those cherished memories is a breeze.

Adobe Lightroom Classic is the desktop/laptop version of the application and the go-to editing software for most professional photographers. 

This collections contains 3 books:
Lightroom Classic Part 1 - Importing and Organising Your Photos
Lightroom Classic Part 2 - Editing Techniques
Lightroom Classic Part 3 - Exporting for Various Mediums

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