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Private Photography Lessons

Unleash your full potential as a photographer with personalised private lessons. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, I will guide you every step of the way towards capturing stunning images.

Some Ideas For What We Can Cover In The Session:
  • I can review a selection of your photos, providing guidance and tips on how to improve them. 

  • I can join you on a walk around a location of your choice within the Douglas Shire, where I will guide you on what to take photos of, angles, composition, camera settings and more. 

  • Anything to do with Adobe Lightroom, including an overview of the entire application, or a more in-depth look at a specific tool within the application. 

  • A question-and-answer style session, where you can ask me anything you want to know about photography or your camera. 

  • A lesson planned around a specific subject such as composition, the exposure triangle, focus, landscape photography, capturing a particular type of wildlife, flash photography, night photography, etc.

  • For the more active and adventurous we can do a hike in the Rainforest to see and photograph places that other people rarely reach. (please note that this option is subject to fitness and medical conditions)

Teaching Jeane


"Thankyou Tracey for coaching me through Lightroom and Photoshop it really is a new learning curve and I am enjoying it. I highly recommend to do this course as it gives you more options for your photos"


"Tracey is generous sharing her knowledge and expertise and is a patient tutor. I’m now using my DSLR more often rather than my phone. Highly recommend her course."


"Fantastic, I've learn't so much and I will be able to use that in both business and social networks. Tracey is a great trainer, very patient, and I got a lot of information out of her and I am excited to use it moving forward. So sign up now, Thanks Tracey"

Student Photos
Tracey Jones
Why should you do a course with me?

I have been a photographer for over 18 years and have a BA Hons Degree in the subject.

After completing my degree, I spent 5 years travelling through South East Asia, taking thousands of photos of people, landscapes, wildlife and even the underwater world. 

I am now settled in Australia where I started up my business five years ago to teach photography and pass on my passion for it. In that time I have helped many budding photographers improve their skills and knowledge to the point that they are now taking amazing images without much effort. 

I’m all about making photography fun and easy-to-learn with plenty of personalised tuition! Teaching is my passion and joy, and I aim to transmit that joy through imparting my repertoire of photography techniques on to my students.

I cannot wait to see the photos we take together!

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