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Photo Review for Ludovic Othello

I recently did an online photo review for Ludovic Othello, a popular photographer on Instagram. He has agreed for me to share the review with you, so that you know exactly what you will get if you sign up for one of my photo review classes.

All of the photos in this post are taken by and therefore are the copyright of Ludovic Othello.

If you have some photos you would like to get my opinion on then please don't hesitate to send them to me, it is just AU$25 for up to 5 photos.

The Review


Crocodile by Ludovic Othello
Crocodile by Ludovic Othello

This is my favourite photo out of the 5 you have submitted. I love the colours and contrast in the crocodiles skin. The only thing I would change on this image is to move the eye more towards the top right corner of the image. This would create a better composition and allow you to see more of the crocodiles snout. Please have a look into the rule of thirds composition rule.

Barbed Wire Tunnel

Barbed Wire Tunnel by Ludovic Othello
Barbed Wire Tunnel by Ludovic Othello

This image comes from an interesting concept of looking through a barbed wire tunnel. However only one or two lines of the barbed wire is in focus. I would have liked to see you use a bigger depth of field and to have more in focus. This would create a sense of depth and a leading line for the viewer to follow. Have a look into focus and depth of field.

Waves and Rocks

Waves and Rocks by Ludovic Othello
Waves and Rocks by Ludovic Othello

I do like how the blue of the sky and the sea contrasts with the rocks in this image. However the image is not completely in focus and a larger depth of field would have helped with this. (A large depth of field is often used in landscape photography).

One other thing which I would like to point out with this image is the horizon line. It is neither across the centre of the image nor on a third line. Have a look at the composition rules, rule of thirds and Symmetry.

Palm Tree Sunset

Palm Tree Sunset by Ludovic Othello
Palm Tree Sunset by Ludovic Othello

The first thing I notice about this image is the colour of the sky. It is vibrant and pops out to grab your attention. The sun is slightly over exposed (It is very hard to get the sun correctly exposed in a shot like this) and is slightly off center. If you had just taken a step to your left when shooting this, then the sun would have been perfectly centered between the trees to create a sense of balance and symmetry.

There are also some lines across this image which look like scratches. I am hoping this is just a problem with the file and not the original image. If they are on the original image I suggest you find out what caused them (scratches on your lens maybe) and fix the problem before it affects any more photos.

Fantasy Hills

Fantasy Hills by Ludovic Othello
Fantasy Hills by Ludovic Othello

This image looks like a scene from some fantasy film. I assume you have done quite a bit of editing on this image. I can see quite a lot of red specks which I am not sure should be there. Be careful when changing colours.

I would also like to see some more detail in the shadows to really make the rocks stand out.

Both of these problems can be solved with basic editing techniques. Have a look into using Adobe Lightroom.


Overall I think these are some amazing photos and you definitely have some talent as a photographer. All of the images are correctly exposed which is the most important thing in photography.

The only areas which I think you need to focus on are; depth of field, composition and editing. Please check out my range of Ebooks and PDF files to help you with this:

Ranking of favorite photos

1. Crocodile

2. Waves and rocks

3. Fantasy Hills

4. Palm Tree sunset

5. Barbed Wire Tunnel


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