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My Favorite Composition Rule

In Photography composition is about how elements are arranged within the scene. It is an important element which can be used to direct the viewers eye around the image or encourage them to stay focused on one subject. A successful composition is pleasing to the viewers eye.

There are many different composition rules, but the one I find myself using in 90% of my images is the rule of thirds. With the rule of thirds, you divide the image into 9 equal sections using two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. Then place your subject on the point where these lines cross.

Using the rule of thirds helps you to balance your image and quickly draw the viewers attention to your subject. The reason why I love this rule so much is because it can be used on any type of photography. This is why I use it on 90% of my images. It is really easy to apply it in camera as most cameras have a rule of thirds grid option which can place the guidelines over the image displayed on the LCD or through the view finder. Learn how to add the rule of thirds grid to the camera app on your iPhone.

It is also possible to apply the rule of thirds composition in post-production, by cropping the image. Again, most cropping tools will have a rule of thirds grid which can be placed over the image. Learn how to crop in Adobe Lightroom.


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