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Is Drone Photography Worth It?

This is a question which I have heard a lot and until recently was asking myself. The recent occurrence which answered the question for me was a lunch with a friend. We were both free in the afternoon and decided we should do something. We had been talking about her drone and how she was really getting into using it, so decided we should go somewhere so I could try it out.

About an hour later we arrived at Crystal Cascades. This is a small creek which leads up to a few small waterfalls. In hindsight this wasn’t the best place for me to start with a drone, because of all the trees. But luckily I was a natural at flying and didn’t have any collisions, although I did lose the drone for a while…. see the video below.

Flying the drone was not only fun but also allowed me to get to parts of the creek that I wouldn’t have been able to get to before, allowing for new angles and better compositions. This is a game changer and allows for so many new and different images of the places I visit regularly.

However as with the first shoot with any camera, I still need a bit more practice to get the hang of flying and also what camera settings I need for certain shots. Motion blur is more of a problem than I thought it would be, and the focus is very sensitive. But these things just come with practice, and learning from mistakes. Of course the other problem with drones is the price. To buy a good quality set up with some extra batteries and wings, you are looking to spend around AUD$3000. So I guess the questions you need to answer are:

· what do you want to do with your drone photography?

· Do you really need to have something different in your portfolio?

· How much are you prepared to spend on doing that?

Answer these questions and you will have your answer to the question “is drone photography worth it?” For me it is a definite yes because it opens up so many windows to new opportunities and I am always looking for that something different to add to my portfolio. Here is a bonus, unedited, video of the drone following my friend on his wheel. This was shot by Jo Ransom Wallis. Please contact her if you are interested in getting some drone fottage for your local Cairns based business.


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