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6 tips for event photography

Event photography is something which every photographer ends up doing at some point. So here are a few tips for the next event you end up at.

1. Prepare – Before the event do a bit of research, find out who is going to be there. What exactly is the plan or schedule? Knowing where the best photo opportunities are going to be will help to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

2. Dress appropriately – You want to blend into the crowd and not disturb the other guests.

3. Turn up early – Getting to the location early gives you a chance to walk around and work out where the best angles are going to be for various shots. It also gives you a chance to meet the event organizers and find out more information on what is planned.

4. Get a mixture of candid and posed shots – Candid shots capture the atmosphere at the event and allow for you to show more emotional or intimate moments, whilst posed shots are a great way of showing who is at the event. You can mix these up as well by taking a mixture of head shots, half body shots and full body shots.

5. Know when to use flash – If you are outside then you will only want to use fill flash, (unless you are setting up a mini studio for portraits). Indoors you will be working with either tungsten or fluorescent lighting, adding a flash can cause chaos with your white balance and look un-natural. If you do need to use flash inside, bounce it off the ceiling or wall.

6. Keep moving – Get different angles and see different scenes. This will ensure that you get a wide variety of shots which truly represent everything that happened at the event. Check outside the venue as well there might be people queueing to get in or taking a smoke/fresh air break.

Bonus Tip - Have Fun!

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