Take Stand Out Photos

With Your Phone

The complete guide to planning, shooting and perfecting your photos

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Do you feel like you're spending hours on creating content only to get CRICKETS?

Do you feel like you're struggling to STAND OUT, and get people to slow their scroll long enough to see your products?

You feel like this whole content creation thing should be EASIER and have spent hours on Youtube and Google trying to find ANSWERS!

You KNOW you've got incredible products that people NEED but you just can't get them to SEE that.


Creating content can be a total drag especially when it's not getting us SALES. 

But you've been looking at it all wrong! Creating copy is important, but if you don't have scroll stopping images people will just keep moving on!

It's no secret that people value impactful visuals just as much as copy, but you have NO idea where to even start when it comes to creating show stopping images.

And the idea of learning ONE MORE THING or hiring a professional photographer has you wanting to curl up in a ball on the couch with Netflix and big bowl of popcorn, because you don't have the money to pay a professional photographer and the only camera you have is on the back of your phone.

But that's ok


There IS an easier way! Trust me, the answer to scroll stopping images that increase your sellability is sitting in your pocket or purse right now.

You DON'T NEED a professional photographer or a fancy camera!

You NEED this 12 week program on how to take high quality, beautiful photos with just your phone. 

Just Imagine...

In 12 weeks time you could be scheduling 1 hour a week to take ALL your photos for the next weeks marketing. 

You will be able to plan and shoot over 100 images in that time. All of which will be eye catching, tell stories which create connections and ultimately take your ENGAGEMENT and SALES to a whole new level. 

You will be able to do this without feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed by TECHNICAL TERMS. Further more, the whole program can be completed with your PHONE. 

Sounds great I want in!

Why do we need visual content?

  1. Catch attention - Our brains are designed to see and take in visual content much faster than written copy. So adding a visual element to your post helps it to stand out amongst the thousands of other posts out there. 
  2. Boost views and engagement - By catching the attention of more scrollers you are going to get more eyes on your content and therefore more engagement. 
  3. Communicate Faster - Pictures can share messages, tell stories and start conversations with your audience. 
  4. You clients can see what your product looks like - Products with clear images receive more sales because the customer knows exactly what they are buying. 
  5. More memorable - Again it is just the way our brains work, we are wired to remember visual information better than written. 

88% of marketers incorporate visuals in more than half of their articles

Why can't I just use stock images?

Don't get me wrong, there is so much great stock out there, that I can't say never use it again.

However with stock it can be hard to match the images perfectly with your BRAND, your VOICE and your STYLE. Stock images are always SOMEBODY ELSE'S idea. 

If you are using stock all the time, you will quickly find that you start sending MIXED MESSAGES to your audience and they get CONFUSED about what exactly you do.

Over 67% of consumers said quality of a product image influences their purchasing decision

Why can't I learn from all the free content on Youtube?

Quite simply it is not designed for you. Most of the videos on Youtube are aimed at hobby photographers or people looking to make a living from photography. THAT IS NOT YOU! 

Youtube has not organised and filtered the best videos specifically for you. It is all in small pieces and scattered all over the place, like a jig-saw puzzle without a picture to work from. You don't even know WHERE TO START, and after trying a few pieces which don't fit you are ready to give up, because the task just seems IMPOSSIBLE. 

When people hear information they are likely to remember only 10% of it - pair that with a relevant image and they are likely to remember 65%

Hiring a professional photographer


  • You have to BOOK in advance.
  • The average photographer CHARGES $125 for the shoot plus $25 per photo. At 1 photo per day that is $9250 a year. 
  • If you (or they) FORGET something you will have to wait to re-shoot. 
  • Can spend hours just trying to FIND a good, but also doesn't cost the Earth, photographer. 
  • If the photos don't come back the way you want, it is a NIGHTMARE to get them done again. 

DIY photography without this program

  • You never remember to take photos until the LAST MINUTE. 
  • You end up just saying THAT WILL DO because you just don't have the time or patience to do it properly. 
  • Heck you don't have the SKILLS to do it properly. 
  • You are SPENDING HOURS behind the camera but you can't get it right. 
  • When you forget something you just CAN'T BE BOTHERED to do it again.

DIY photography WITH this program

  • You can shoot at a TIME that SUITS YOU.
  • You will gain the skills and knowledge to take professional product photos at home for FREE.
  • If you forget something it is EASY to RE-SHOOT. 
  • You are the PERFECT PHOTOGRAPHER with the right skills and you are free. 
  • You will save time by having a PLAN. 
  • Content creation will become ENJOYABLE and not dreaded. 

Ok Let's Do This!

What will you learn?

  • The TEN STEP PROCESS to taking a photo with your phone.
  • Essentials of PLANNING for a photo shoot.
  • How to TELL A STORY with your photos.
  • Skills to help develop your PHOTOGRAPHIC STYLE.
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES which draw customers in.
  • How to SHARE YOUR BRAND and MESSAGE in your photos. 

What do you get?

  • 3 PDF e-books
  • 12 weekly sets of video trainings, broken into small 10-20 minute sessions
  • 11 cheat sheets
  • 6 checklists
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Videos from guest experts

The 12 topics we cover

Meet The Guest Experts

Denise Cardo

Denise is the owner and designer of Digital Palm Creative. She has over 4 years of experience bringing brands and websites to life. Denise is a brand strategist and web designer for female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their businesses by creating a clear and powerful brand message and website through stunning design to attract their ideal clients.

She will be providing a training on how to create a mood board for your brand. 

Tiffany Ann Botcher

Tiffany-Ann Bottcher is a Business Coach and seasoned expert in scaling businesses by creating efficiency through systems and processes. 

As a Full-Time Finance Executive, Mom of 3, Coach, Blogger, and MBA student Tiffany-Ann loves life in the fast lane, and managing time and energy well has been key to her success. 

She will be providing a training on organising your time.

This Sounds Amazing

Not Yet Convinced?

Here are some reviews from my previous package on exposure.

Shannon Bell

"This Exposure Book is exactly what I needed to simplify photography for me The language is clear & concise, which means I’m not reading long, drawn out information & getting confused along the way The diagrams are very helpful, & I am certain to be improving the quality of my images in no time at all Great Job with this instructional booklet"

Jo Ransom-Wallis

"I've been lucky to get a sneaky peek of this course and it's superb. You get clear, digestible explanations of how to use the varying settings and tools on your camera (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, light meter and histogram) to get the best exposure for your amazing images. In the course you also get to understand how to use these varying settings to capture effects such as the silky water you see on waterfall shots, how your camera lets you know if you've got the right exposure and more."

Julie Hunt

"Tracey’s Exposure photography book is a great guide to not just how to get the right Exposure, but understanding why. Tracey explains all the options and what’s best for each scenario. For anyone who wants to move off auto and start taking amazing photos this is the book for you!"


What will taking this course mean for your business?

  • You will SAVE TIME creating content because you will have a plan and the skills to take photos quickly
  • You will SAVE MONEY on stock images and professional photographers
  • Creating content will become EASY and FUN
  • You will get more eyes on your content resulting in MORE ENGAGEMENT and MORE SALES. 

Why should you do a course with me?

I am a visual content expert and have been a photographer for over 15 years. 

I started up my business just over a year ago to teach photography and pass on my passion for it.  The journey was a massive rollercoaster ride, but my focus was always on the visuals as that is what I love to do.

Some of my down moments were launches that ended in no sales, members of my Facebook group telling me they were confused about what I do, and a constant voice asking if this is ever going to work.

I have been there, I know how hard starting a business is. That is why I want to help you. I want to share everything I have learnt about business and photography with you, because I know you need it to bring in the sales. 





$797 AUD

Best Value

  • Instant access to the course
  • 12 modules with videos, cheat sheets, checklists and homework
  • 3 PDF e-books
  • 12 month access to a private Facebook group
  • Videos from guest experts. 


$399 AUD

Payment Plan

  • Instant access to the course
  • 12 modules with videos, cheat sheets, checklists and homework
  • 3 PDF e-books
  • 12 month access to a private facebook group
  • Videos from guest experts.