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Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC

Enhancing your photos is an essential aspect of photography, and Adobe Lightroom CC makes this process effortlessly accessible. Transforming a good photo into something exceptional is a seamless experience with the intuitive tools provided by Lightroom.


Beyond its editing capabilities, Lightroom serves as an efficient photo library system, offering diverse options for organizing and searching through your image collection. Say goodbye to hours of searching for that elusive photo from years ago; Lightroom simplifies the retrieval process, ensuring your precious memories are easily within reach.

Adobe Lightroom CC is the mobile version of the application for use on your phone or tablet. It is a very useful app to have as it syncs with Adobe Lightroom Classic and allows you to take photos using manual settings on your phone or tablet. 

This collections contains 2 books:

Lightroom CC - Part 1 - Importing, Organising and Sharing

Lightroom CC - Part 2 - Editing Tools

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