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What I don’t like about my photography business

This is a hard blog for me to write as there is not much I don’t like about photography, but as with every job, there are boring parts and parts which I would rather not do.

  1. Top of the list is dealing with difficult clients. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with that too many times during my 15-year career, but there is always that one who thinks he can barter you down to making a loss. Having to stand my ground and say “No, Sorry I can’t do it for that price”, has never been easy for me, but it has become essential in building up my business across the years.

  2. Taxes. Need I say any more, does anyone like taxes?

  3. Coming up with content ideas. This feels like a constant battle every week. What should I write about this week? What can I say about this picture?

  4. Going live on Facebook still scares me. It is especially bad when there is no-one commenting, I feel like I am talking to no-one. Thoughts of “why am I bothering?” run through my head and I lose track of what I was saying.

  5. Market research is just one of those things which take forever. It starts off fun, but after hours of reading and watching videos it becomes very repetitive and I get bored very easily.

  6. Asking people to buy my products and services. I simply don’t have confidence in doing this. I never know whether I am phrasing things in the right way. If I say one wrong word, I could lose the sale.

  7. Working out pricing for my services. I am scared to price my services too high in case people are not prepared to pay that.

  8. Finally editing lots of photos. If I only have a small number of files to work through, I don’t mind, I can put on a podcast and work happily for an hour or so. But if I have a few thousand photos and it takes me all day, I end up feeling drained and not enjoying it anymore. 

All 8 of these points which I have mentioned, I still do. Even though I don’t enjoy doing them. I schedule time in to deal with them, and I get them done. I do this because I know that all of these are valuable parts of my business. If I didn’t do them, I wouldn’t have a business. Making a list like this is a great way to work out what you need help with in your business. You can then look into finding that help, whether it be through research or reaching out to an expert in the area. If you need help with creating quality content for your business please come and join my Facebook group, where I share lots of free tips and advice to get you improving your photos in no time.

Come back next week to find out what I love about my photography business.


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