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Review of taking photos with the i-Phone 11 pro

Earlier this year I brought the i-phone 11. Before this I had a Samsung Galaxy S6, so was excited to try out the i-phones photography capabilities. I was instantly impressed. One of my first experiences of using the camera was on Valentines Day. My partner took me out for a sunset sail, on board the Shaolin. We decided to take a selfie for Facebook. It took a few shots to get both of us looking good and line the shot up well, with the boat gently rocking in the waves. But every one of the shots represented the colour and light that we were seeing perfectly. I was impressed.

Later that evening when walking home after dinner, we had a very unique experience. On the path was a snake eating a bat. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I instantly pulled out my phone and started snapping away. The whole process of the snake eating the bat took 2 hours, so I had plenty of time to play around with the settings on the camera. I experimented with using the flash and higher ISOs. I also tried out using the Adobe Lightroom App to capture the images, and discovered it provided much clearer images and gave me more control over the settings. Plus it allowed me to save the images as Adobe DNG files (Adobe’s version of RAW).

Make sure you read my blog on this, to get the full story and see the rest of the pictures.

After this I tried to use the Adobe Lightroom App every time I took photos on my phone. I now mainly use the phone for photos and videos when out on walks. I have also tried to photograph wildlife in the garden, but unfortunately this is where I am reaching the limitations of a phone. The phone’s three lenses are not capable of macro shots of insects and are also not long enough to get a close up of most birds. Maybe I will need to invest in some lens accessories.

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