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Marine life of The Great Barrier Reef - Anemonefish

Updated: Mar 13

The anemone provides a home for a family of anemone fish. These fish have developed an immunity to the anemones stinging cells which keep their predators at bay. In return the anemone fish keep the anemone clean.

In one anemone you will often find 3 or 4 anemone fish. The biggest of these fish is the female and the rest are males. The female is the boss of the family and can often be seen keeping the males in check by chasing and biting them. When this female dies the next biggest fish will start a transition into becoming female.

There are many different types of anemone fish and they can be found on reefs world-wide. However the True Clownfish (nemo) is only found on the Great Barrier Reef.

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