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Do you have some photos you would like to get a professional opinion on? Any pictures you have taken above or below the water, from anywhere in the world, and no matter how old; Tracey is more than happy to have a look at them.


Submit as many photos as you would like for just $5 per photo. During the time which you select on the calendar, Tracey will review your image and send a file with a detailed explanation of her thoughts on your images. It will include highlighting any problems in the images from lighting and composition through to white balance and focus. Suggestions of solutions to these problems and tips on other ways to improve your photographic technique and suggestions for photographic courses will be provided. 


After payment has been received, you will be emailed a dropbox link where you can upload your photos. Please do this before the time you have chosen on the calendar. 


Please check out this blog on a review done for Ludovic Othello:

Photo by Ludovic Othello

Photo By Elena Wagner



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