Photo Contest 
Terms and Conditions

This competition is run according to the Facebook competition rules and Queensland, Australia competition rules. This competition is being run by Tracey Jones, owner of Tracey Jones Photography. 


This game is not part of any partnership with Facebook, and it is entirely independent of Facebook in every way other than posting your photos in the comments on the Facebook post.  


Entry Requirements


Entry to this contest is free. 


Members of the general public are eligible to enter and will be in with a chance of winning the prize.


Family members and employees of Tracey Jones Photography may NOT enter.


All Games and contests will close at 5pm (Brisbane time) on the 9th May 2020. Any entrants after this time will NOT be eligible and will therefore NOT be in with a chance of winning a prize. 


You may enter as many images as you would like to. 

Only photos entered via a comment on the original post will be eligible.  


All images entered must be photography. The image can be taken with any camera, including but not limited to mobile phone cameras, compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, and DSLR cameras. Editing and post production of the image is allowed. Photos may be in any size or orientation accepted by Facebook. 





We won’t claim any copyright, share with any 3rd party, reuse or repurpose your image. 


By submitting an image, you are stating that you took the image and you own the copyright to it. Any images which are not yours or you do not own the copyright to will be disqualified. 



Deciding on the winner


The image with the most likes on Facebook will be the winner. 

In the event of their being a tie, all the names of the tied competitors will be entered into a random name picker ( to choose the winner.


All decisions are final.



A free photo review online of 5 photos by Tracey Jones, valued at AUD$25. 


This prize can only be used once and only on the relevant product.

This prize will expire on 9th June 2020. 

The winner of this prize will be notified by email by 6pm (Brisbane time) on the 9th May 2020. 


A second email will be sent to the winner with a Dropbox link where they can upload five images. If more than five images are added to the Dropbox folder Tracey will only review the first 5 by alphabetical order. Tracey will complete the review within one week of receiving the files and send it to the winner via email. 

The 5 photos provided to Tracey and the review written by Tracey will be published in a blog on by 9th July 2020. By sending your images to Tracey you are agreeing to let Tracey do this. 


At 6pm (Brisbane time) on the 9th May 2020, Tracey will announce the winners from all games and competitions during a live event on Facebook. 


There will be no change in the prize. 

The prize must be collected and used by the winner only and is non-transferable. 



Other comments


Anyone who makes a negative or offensive comment on an image will be removed and blocked from the event. Tracey will decide what is classed as a negative or offensive comment. Her decision is final. 

Constructive criticism is allowed in comments and is encouraged to help the photographer improve their image. 


Tracey may comment on some images. Depending on the volume of comments she may not have time to comment on every image. This is in no way a result or representation of the content submitted or in any way intended to sway the voters towards one picture over another.  




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