I love being out in nature and therefore it is my favourite genre of photography. If I have some free time you will find me diving or hiking in nature, always with my camera. 

An Orange butterfly is sitting on a rock
Seven caterpillars munching on the end of a leaf
A close up of a sunflower
Blue sky and rolling green hills covered with trees are reflected in the calm waters of The Daintree River
A birding butterfly resting on a flower
A young crocodile sits on a branch
A Bearded Forest Dragon sitting on a rock
Long exposure sunrise over the sea
Long exposure shot of the Barron River makes it look like chocolate
A black and yellow striped fish
A pari of pink and yellow nudibranchs or sea slugs
A lionfish sits on top of the coral. Surrounded by other reef fish
Rainbow Bee Eater sitting on a dead branch

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