Model Release Template. 

Do You Take Photos Of Your Customers Or Employees?



Yes, well then you need this. You can not share photos of people online without their permission. 

Sure they said it was find when you took the picture, but you never bothered to get it in writing, why would you need to they said its fine?

But then two days later you get a call from the customer asking you to remove their photos from your facebook. They claim to have no recollection of agreeing to the photo being used on facebook, they thought it was just going on your website. As you have nothing in writing the only thing you can do is take down that post which is doing amazing. 

Now that sucks, believe me, I've had to do it. 

So just get your employees or customers to sign this as part of the normal onboarding paperwork and you are good to go share photos of them any where you like. 

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