"I've been lucky to get a sneaky peek of this course and it's superb. You get clear, digestible explanations of how to use the varying settings and tools on your camera (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, light meter and histogram) to get the best exposure for your amazing images. In the course you also get to understand how to use these varying settings to capture effects such as the silky water you see on waterfall shots, how your camera let's you know if you've got the right exposure and more."

Exposure book by Joanna Ransome-Wallis

Doug is a regular client of mine. We started our weekly lessons about 6 months ago. Our first lesson was showing him how to put the battery in the camera and turn it on. He has now mastered shutter speed and uploading photos to a laptop, which he had also never turned on again. 

Here is a couple of quick videos I asked him for a recommendation. He didn’t really know what to say on camera but as soon as I turned it off he was thanking me and saying that he couldn’t do this without my patience.

"Wow, I’m really impressed with the Exposure Book..!! Overall, it makes the elements of photography quite easy to understand, plus, a “how to” on controlling those elements individually. The images provided help to break down the basics, which I totally appreciate, & can grow my photography interest from here... Thanks Tracey..!!"

Exposure book by Gemma Kilpatrick



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