Yule Point Sunrise

Naming photos in the Adobe Lightroom App

naming your photos tips Oct 30, 2020

Naming your photos helps you to organise and find your images within the Lightroom app. The words you use as part of your name will become part of the images metadata (data that provides information about other data). This means that when you are searching for keywords, lightroom will search through the image names (as well as other metadata) looking for those key words.

The following image has been given the name “Yule Point Sunrise”. So if I were looking for sunrise images, this photo would come up in the search results. Or if I were looking for photos taken at Yule Point, the search results would also bring up this image.

Another reason to add a name to your photos is because of SEO (search engine optimization). This works in the same way as the lightroom search function, in that keywords in your image name will be picked up by the search engine and the image will appear in the search results. This is particularly useful in Google’s image search.


How to name your images in the Lightroom app.

 Start by finding the image you would like to name in the library module. Tap on the image to open it.

From the drop down menu at the top select info.

Below the image you can see three text boxes:

  • Title - this is your image name
  • Caption - you can write a small description about your image, to include more information and keywords
  • Copyright - information about who took the photo and owns the copyright


These three fields can be edited by tapping on the text box and typing.


Anything you write in these boxes will become part of your images metadata. When you search for any of the words used in your title, caption or copyright sections this image will appear.

When you share your image out of the Lightroom App, the metadata is automatically included.


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