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Ideas for Capturing Details in your Images

photography at home telling a story tips Nov 23, 2020

This blog is designed to be an inspiration for you to get out and shoot some random photos. I really love capturing details. I think most of the fun is finding these cool little things which no-one would have looked at if you didn’t show it. So, here is a list of things for you to take pictures of:

 Close-ups of patterns

Patterns are everywhere and they create amazing photos because of all the different compositional elements which they bring in.

Close up of textures
Textures have so much detail in them and can add so much to an image. They are such crucial elements that how they are lit can affect the tone of the whole image.

Details in Nature
The natural world is a wonderful place. It is full of patterns and textures, from the small insects to the massive landscapes.

All sorts of cool patterns, shapes and textures can be created with water. Have a play and see what you can do.

Architectural Details
There are endless opportunities within architecture to find details. Modern buildings are often made up of striking patterns, textures and colors. In older buildings you can find different details in the wear and tear of materials and objects.

Interesting light
Have you even seen light coming through the trees and marveled at the patterns it makes, why not photograph it? This is best done on a sunny day.

Shadows can create some interesting shapes, especially early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is low.

Cutting things out
Do you really need to see the whole person for the image to work. Maybe only showing part of an object tells a stronger story.


All of these ideas can be done at home, out on a walk, in your office, or just about anywhere you feel like. So you have no excuse to not get out and look for details. Once you start you will be finding them everywhere, finding new things which you hadn’t see before and finding yourself wondering about things you hadn’t spent any time thinking about before.


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