Why I believe composition is the first thing you should learn when starting photography

composition principles of composition tips Nov 27, 2020

In photography, composition is essentially the way that you arrange your objects within a frame. I believe that composition is the first thing you should learn when starting photography for a variety of reasons:


  1. It is the easiest of the photography skills to learn - you don’t even need a camera to learn these skills, you can just create a square with your fingers and practice composing things through it.
  2. It’s just a set of rules – learn them. Follow them. Get a great photo.
  3. It is all about looking and seeing – photography is all about showing things to the viewer. Learning composition rules changes the way you see things forever. The more you see, the better your photos will become.
  4. Create an image which will connect with the viewer – once you understand how composition works you can use it to bring certain parts of an image to the viewers’ attention, or to lead their eye around it, keeping them interested for more than just a second.
  5. Setting up a photo becomes quick and simple – You know what you are doing and have a set of rules to follow so you save time and stress when setting up to take a shot.
  6. You start to think about what is needed – A big part of photography is knowing what to leave out of the frame. Focus on what is important and remove the rest.
  7. No more messy photos – Composition is basically organizing your photos. I love organizing so of course I love this.



If you want to learn more about composition please sign up for my mini course Principles of Composition where you will learn 6 composition rules to get your photography kick started.  

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