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How to use multiple photos on Facebook to increase engagement

business facebook photos for business photos for facebook photos for marketing tips Jan 01, 2021

There is a bit of a rumour going around that using more than one photo on your Facebook posts increases the engagement.

Having spent some time experimenting with different types of posts on my own social media pages, this is a rumour that not only interests me, but that I believe could very well be true.

It is well known that posts with visual elements get more engagement than those without, therefore it only makes sense that adding more visual elements would only increase that engagement. When you add multiple photos to a post each photo is displayed smaller and often cropped. Therefore the viewer has to click on the image to see it properly. The more images in the post, the more clicks it will get.

If a post is getting a lot of engagement then Facebook’s algorithm will flag it as a high performing post and show it to more people. Which of course only increases the engagement more.


Ok so  now you are excited to start sharing multiple photos on your Facebook! Yay!

But wait just a minute, I have some tips for you to ensure that your post will get the most engagement possible:


  1. Tell a story with your images – With multiple images you can tell long and more detailed stories. Just make sure every image is relevant to the story and only include the images which are most important.
  2. Ensure every image is relatable – Do the images relate to each other? Are they clearly a set of images which belong together? If you are unsure if an image fits in with the others, take it out. It is better to leave something out than to confuse people.
  3. Be specific – Make sure every image has a purpose and a clear subject for the viewer to look at. Is it funny, interesting or teaching a lesson?
  4. Be on brand – Use colours, patterns, fonts, stories, messages, and emotions which work with your brand. You want the viewer to look at your image and know that you took it, without seeing a name.
  5. Create connections – What is your audience interested in? Think outside of the box and remember not every post has to be about your business or product.
  6. Be spontaneous – Our best work often comes when we put less work into it. Over thinking just leaves us complicating things too much.
  7. Keep it simple – Ever heard the phrase “less is more”? Well this is as true in photography as it is in everything else. This doesn’t mean using less photos though, no it just means ensuring every image is simple and is not trying to do too many things.
  8. Don’t treat photos as an add on – Photos are just as important as the text of your post. You should be planning out all your photos just the same as you plan out your written content. It is a good idea to do this once a week and bulk shoot all the images you need for that week. Say NO to the “that will just have to do” thoughts.



So there you have it - 8 things you should be doing every time you create a post with multiple images. So go ahead and start creating posts with multiple images and increasing your engagement.

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