8 Quick tips for taking photos with your iPhone

business iphone photography at home photos for business photos for marketing tips Dec 18, 2020

Do you look at other people’s photos which they say they have taken with their iPhone and thought “how the hell did they do that?”

Well, the iPhone camera is an amazing tool and when you know how to use it, it makes taking beautiful photos so easy. So, because I know how much you just want to start improving your photos, here are 8 tips to help you capture those perfect images:



  1. How to open the camera quickly
    Having a camera in your pocket is one of the biggest advantages of the iPhone camera, but did you know that you can access the camera app with just one tap? On the wake-up screen just swipe left.

  2. Setting the focus
    Focus refers to the part of the image which is sharp. You want the focus to be on the most important part of your image.
    To set the focus simply tap on the part of the image where you want the focus to be. A yellow square will appear.
    Note if you move the camera the square will also move and your focus could change. You can lock the focus so that this doesn’t happen, by holding your finger down for a couple of seconds until you see AE/AF Lock appear at the top of the screen. (AE is Auto Exposure/AF is Auto Focus)

  3. Setting the exposure
    Exposure is the photographic term for how much light is in the image, or the brightness of the image.
    After you have set the focus you will see a small sun symbol next to the yellow square. You can drag this sun up and down to make the image brighter or darker.
    Note the camera app will automatically adjust the exposure to what it thinks is the correct exposure for the area inside the yellow square. By dragging up and down on the sun symbol you are changing the image creatively to share your vision.
    As mentioned above when you lock the focus AE/AF Lock appears, this means that when you lock the focus you also lock the exposure.

  4. Burst mode
    Ever tried to capture a moving subject and you just can’t time it right to get the perfect shot. This is what burst mode is designed for.
    To use it press the shutter button and immediately drag you finger to the left. The camera app will keep taking photos until you let go.
    You will end up with a series of images, most of which will look terrible but one or two will be perfect.

  5. Using the volume buttons as a shutter button
    Have you ever struggled to hold the camera steady and press the shutter button, only to end up with a blurry mess.
    Using the volume buttons allows you to hold the phone in a more comfortable way and take a photo without all that shake and blurriness.
    If you still have the apple earphones which came with your phone you can even use the button on them as a shutter button.

  6. Portrait mode
    Although called portrait mode this is perfect for a lot of other types of photography such as photos of your products. This is because this portrait mode creates a blurry background.
    To use this mode simply swipe across to portrait at the bottom of your screen. When you open the portrait mode you will see an f and a number in the top right corner. Tap on this and you can adjust how blurry the background is.

  7. Turn on the rule of thirds grid
    The rule of thirds is a composition rule which helps you to arrange objects within your image. Learn more about it here.
    The iPhone camera app has an option to turn on a rule of thirds grid overlay on your screen. To turn it on you need to go into your phones settings and scroll down to camera. Inside camera you can turn the grid on and off.

  8. Clean the Lens
    It may seem obvious but you should always give you lens a quick clean before taking a picture. Any finger prints, smudges or dust on the lens will show up in your image, usually as blurry areas and dots. This is not what you want in your photos.
    Simply use a microfiber cloth to just quickly wipe your lens (and the screen) of your phone before you take photos.


So there you have it, 8 simple techniques to get you using your iPhone’s camera and start producing better images for your business.

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