5 great product photographers to influence you

5 great product photographers to influence you

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You should always be looking for new inspiration for your product photography. The best photographers are up to date on all the trends and are trying to stay ahead of them. Many of these photographers are constantly trying out new techniques and coming up with new ideas for shoots. They have to be creative every single day.

Nori Inoguchi

Originally from Japan but now living in New York, Nori has spent the past 10 years pursuing his passion for photography. Nori Seeks to find beauty in all of the objects he shoots. 

He has worked for brands like Chanel, McDonalds, and Oral-B

I really love the way he finds alternative uses for the products. Like making this bottle of Chanel Number 5 into honey with ants running all over it. It takes two common images and mixes them into one, causing us to do a double take.


See more of Nori's work here



Sam Kaplan

Sam is the photography half of the Kaplans duo. Based in New York they create a range of stills and movies to show off food, drinks, beauty products and other still life products.

Their client list includes; Dr.Pepper, fitbit, and Pantene.


Their style is very bright and colourful, which is perfect for marketing photos. The use of solid bright colours as backgrounds is done very well in this image of donuts and cookies. The pink contrast well with the brown of the cookies and matches the pink of the donuts almost perfectly.



See more of Sam's work here



Lucas Zarebinski

He grew up in Poland but moved to the US when he was 20 to become a still life photographer. 10 years later he is living in New York and pushing the boundaries of product photography.

His clients include Sony, Target, and IBM.


I love how Lucas uses background to create a scene. Like in the image below just adding the sparkly background make us feel like it is time to party.



See more of Lucas' work here



Jonathan Knowles

Based in London this product photographer is a pro at capturing fast motion images, particularly of liquid. This has made him world famous and he has won many awards for his work.

His clients include; Heinz, Gillette, and Nike.


This photo of a strawberry shows off Jonathan’s amazing skill of capturing a split second of action.


See more of Jonathan's work here



Zachary Goulko

Born in Moscow, Zachary now has a studio in New York. His mission is to capture the essence of every product and show its beauty in new ways. 

His clients include; L’Oréal, Lancôme, and SkinFix.


I always say simplicity is key and Zachary does it perfectly. I love how the choice of props in this image really help to make the product stand out.



See more of Zachary's work here



So that is the 5 photographers I am going to share with you today. Make sure you check out their portfolios and write down any ideas that you like.

Don’t just limit yourself to just these 5 photographers either. There is inspiration everywhere, you just need to look for it. Do a google or Instagram search for product photographers and see what comes up. Make sure you let me know who your favorite is when you are done!

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