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3 daily tasks to improve your product photography with your phone.

business iphone photography at home photos for business photos for marketing tips Dec 25, 2020

The best way to improve your product photography quickly is to practice daily. Now, don’t worry, I am not saying that you need to spend hours taking photos every day. NO! Completely the opposite. I am just asking you to take one photo a day. You are probably already taking an average of one photo a day. Yes, just a quick snap with your phone counts.

So now you are wondering why you are reading this. Well, a quick snap is great in some cases but you’re not going to learn much from it. If you just put a little bit more thought into it, you will start to improve your images in no time.

The way to do that is with these three daily tasks:

  1. Plan to take a photo

    This is a very quick task to add to your morning routine (you can do it whilst brushing your teeth or in the shower). All you have to do is think about the day ahead and work out what you can photograph.

    Of course your product is something which you can photograph. But I would advise against taking photos of your product every day. Experimenting with other subjects will improve your skill much faster as you will get a greater understanding of how light works.
    Some of the other subjects you can try include:
    - Making or buying a pretty lunch? Take a picture before you dig in.
    - Jewelry. Shiny metals and sparkling gem. So pretty, but not so easy to photograph. Can you work out how to do it?
    - Household items. Kitchen utensils or soft furnishing are perfect and a lot of fun to play around with.
    - Flowers. Going for a walk today? Look out for these little beauties on the side of the path. Experiment with different flowers to see how they create unique images.

    Once you know what you are going to photograph then you need to decide on when to take the picture. It is very important that you make this decision early in the day and put it in your schedule. This way you don’t forget to take your photo.

  2. Take the photo

    Ok so it has got to that time of day and you are ready to take the photo. Now don’t just pull your phone out and take a photo. I want you to STOP and think about this. Ask yourself the following questions:
    - Where is the light coming from? Always try to shoot with your back to the main source of light. This will get the best light on your product/subject.
    - What would be the best angle to shoot from? Don’t just shoot from head height. Experiment with holding your phone in a few different places to work out what looks best.
    - How can I make this picture tell a story? Stories create connections and connections sell. So you want to tell a simple story with every image which connects with your brand.

    Only once you have worked out the answers to these questions can you take a photo.

  3. Review

    You have taken the picture, but you are not quite done yet. Just one more thing, I promise!

    Have a look at the photo you have taken, and ask yourself these questions:
    - Do you like it?
    - Is it a good photo?
    - What would you change next time?
    - What is the brightest part of the image?
    - Is anything hidden in shadow?
    - What is the sharpest part of the image?
    - Are the colors realistic?
    - Do you look at the product/subject or something else first?
    - Does the image tell a story?
    - Does the image fit in your brand?

    By asking these questions you can work out which part of photography you need to focus on. Then the next day when taking your photo you will automatically pay more attention to that part.

So there you go, three very easy tasks to improve your photography. But remember that you have to do this every day to see results.

In January I am going to be doing a 30 day photo challenge where I will share daily ideas of things to photograph. Sign up to my email list to take part and receive daily reminders. (link below) 

But in the mean time you can get started with the ideas listed above. Don’t forget to share your photos in the Facebook group. This is also the place to learn more about planning your photos, taking photos, and reviewing your photos. Can’t wait to see you in there!

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