30 Days 30 Photos 

How often do you take photos?

Practice is so important in learning photography, that I want you all to get into the habit of taking photos every day.

So I would like to run a challenge for the month of January. It is a very simple challenge all you have to do is take now photo a day and share it in the group.

Every day I will share a different prompt to inspire you for that days photo.

The challenge will be designed for phone cameras, but can be done with any camera you have to hand.


1. Everyone has heard that saying, do something for 30 days and it becomes a habit.

2. Doing something everyday helps you to improve your skills much faster.

3. Having prompts makes you think about the photo you are taking and how you want it to look.

4. Sharing your photos everyday, provides more opportunity for feedback and learning.

5. Doing this together allows us to help each other out and provide endless inspiration and motivation.

So are you in? Download this shot list template to get started!


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