Youth Pledge Parade

On the 28th October 1928 in Indonesia a declaration called the Youth Pledge was created. The participants of the Second Indonesian Youth Congress proclaimed three morals; One Motherland, One Nation, One Language. This day became one of the most relevant days in the history of Indonesia, the day when the 17,508 islands, 742 languages and dialect, 300 native ethnic groups and 34 provinces all came together.


The 28th of October is now celebrated throughout the country. This year a parade was organized in Amed Bali, by Anak, a charity NGO who try to educate the children of Bali who cannot afford to go to school. It was oraganised a few days before the event to generate awareness, both of the Youth Pledge and of Anak.



The Parade

The parade was due to start outside Puri Wirata Dive Resort Villas and Spa at 4pm and travel to the school in Lion. At four o’clock adults in traditional dress and children in outfits made from recycled rubbish, started to arrive. As I went out to take photos of these wonderful dresses, more cars arrived. Each car had a different group of people. Each group was dressed differently and had different props. Some had traditional instruments, drums and gongs. Some had photographs, and some even had dolphin and turtle costumes.




An hour later the road was blocked with people everywhere. The groups were lining up following the orders of a few people from Anak. It was still a few minutes before everyone was ready. Then the bands began to play and the first group started moving, half walking half dancing down the street.








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