What Do You When Your Strobe Breaks?

Second day into a long awaited dive trip and you flood your only strobe. Your stuck on a boat with no way of getting a new strobe before the trip is over. What do you do?


This is exactly what happened to me on a recent dive trip to Wakatobi in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. All of the dives we had planned were to reach 20 meters or more. I couldn’t rely on natural light and white balance to get the photos I had been eager to take for months. I didn’t want the trip to be a complete waste so I had to do something.


Finding a Solution

I Spent the surface interval finding a way to attach my dive torch to the strobe arm. A couple of hairbands did the trick. For the next couple of dives I struggled with exposure and positioning of the light. The power from the torch was much less than the strobe, and the beam tiny in comparison. I quickly realized that there was no way to light up the whole of a wide angle scene, I would have to focus on details to get any photos worth using.


The Result

By the end of the trip I felt that I had perfected the technique and was happy with the few pictures which were very different to anything I had produced before. Although I now have new strobes this is a process I will continue to work with when I get the chance.

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