Tomato Lake

I found that tomato lake is a rather strange name for a park, and to be honest I have no idea why it is called that. This traditional city park does of course contain a lake as well as all the usual things, like a children’s playground, picnic areas and a walking trail. It is located on Oat Street in the Belmont suburb of Perth. 


The Lake

Home to thousands of birds, the 500 meter long body of water is the centre piece of the park. Cockatoos, crows, swans, and many other species nest on the 2 large islands in the middle.

Red Head

This is paradise for both bird watchers and wildlife photographers. Arriving just before sunset is when the birds are the most active. They can be seen either swimming or flying between the many trees which surround it. 

Cockatoo eating

Flying cockatoos


Bush Walks

To the western side of the lake is a small bush land area. There are a couple of trails winding through this bush land. I was hoping to see some small animals, spiders or insects hiding amongst the trees, but I was not so lucky. The bush was very quiet and seemed rather dead. Maybe it was just because it was the middle of summer and was too hot for much to survive. 

Dead Tree


Other Activities

As I already mentioned there is a children’s playground and picnic areas, but this is only a couple of the activities available. There is also a basket ball court, a small outdoor gym and a walkway around the lake with measurements like a running track. So this is a perfect area for people to work out. The walk way is also very popular with dog walkers although the dogs are not allowed off the lead.

The gazebo in the middle of the lake is apparently popular for wedding and special events. It is also nice as a rest point to enjoy the views of the lake. 

Gazebo in lake


On the north eastern corner of the lake there are a few breaks in the trees which look across the water towards the sunset. The still water reflects the colours of the sky just like a mirror, making some stunning photographs. The birds swimming or flying around the lake make for some great silhouettes against the colourful water or sky. 

Black swan

flying bird at sunset

Sunset over lake


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