The Sarong Dress

In my ten years of being a photographer I have only ever attended one fashion shoot. Then I was the second photographer taking the behind the scene shots and I remember it being a lot of fun. So when a photographer in Bali asked me to help on a fashion shoot, I thought yeah why not. Again I was assigned to take behind the scene and candid shots, which were to be used for social media. The other photographer was taking the staged photos for the website.



The Sarong Dress

The shoot was for a company called The Sarong Dress. A White Singaporean,Chiss, who now lives in Australia designed the first sarong dress over 20 years ago. As a result of wearing the dressing on a daily basis she had many people ask her where she got the dresses. Finally she decided to start a business making and selling them on a global scale. After many visits to Bali she found a team of seamstresses who have now been working hard for the past few months to create many different styles in a selection of patterns.


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The Shoot

The Griya hotel in Amed, Bali was the perfect location to capture the dresses. We had a group of models, ranging in age from 26 to 59. They posed in the garden amongst the tropical flowers and lazed on sunbeds, while we wized around them with our cameras.

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Most Importantly the atmosphere throughout the afternoon was excellent. The models were friends and happily chatted and danced while they waited for their shot. This was ideal for my backstage shots, lots of smiles and laughter bringing a joyful mood to every image. will be opening soon.

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