Super moon of 2016

What is a Super Moon?

The moon has a monthly orbit around the earth. This orbit is elliptical and there are times where the moon is closer to the planet than others. A super moon occurs when the full moon falls in the part of the orbit which is closest to the earth. On this night the moon appears bigger and brighter than normal.



14 November 2016

A superman occurred on this date. It was the closest the moon had been since 1948 and there will not be another super moon until 2034. This moon appeared 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal.

Super moon rise


Photographing the Super Moon

As I live in Bali I was lucky to have clear skies on this night. At sunset I travelled to the eastern most point of Bali and found a traditional balinese temple. I love the shapes and architecture of these temples. Whilst waiting for the moon to rise I scouted out the best angles.

Unfortunately there was a bit of haze on the horizon so I didn’t get that perfect moonrise shot I was hoping for. However there was freighter boat sailing past just at the right moment and I was able to line it up perfectly with the red moon.

Super moon and boat


As the moon got higher I could start framing it between and above the gateways of the temple.

Super moon above temple

Super moon between temple


Once the moon was too high I zoomed in and started experimenting with exposure to get different effects.

Super moon Abstract


I was a little disappointed with how small the moon was, It didn’t look much different than a normal full moon. Overall the experience was fun and I guess if I go back on another full moon I might be able to compare and see the difference.

Superman reflections

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