Specialty Photography Courses

Seahorse on the sand

If you are having a problem with a certain area of your photography or just want to explore something new, this is the perfect course to spend some time focusing on it.

It can be with or without a dive.

If you choose to do the dive you will start by going through cleaning and care for both the camera and housing, followed by the theory part of the course. Tracey will select a dive site suitable to the speciality. After the dive you will have a debriefing session.

Without the dive it is just the theory session.

Some of the areas you can cover include:

  • Manual exposure
  • Composition
  • Focus
  • White balance
  • Wide angle
  • Macro
  • Fish
  • Photographing divers
  • Strobe use
  • Larger marine life
  • Wrecks
  • Shooting upwards & silhouettes
  • Close focus wide angle
  • Drift dive
  • Low visibility
  • Working as Underwater Photographer
  • Underwater video basics
  • Camera Care
  • Over under shots
  • Super macro
  • Using wet lenses
  • Night dive
  • Raw vs Jpeg
  • Any other area of your choice

If you are not sure which area you would like to focus on then it is a good idea to start with a Photo Review, then Tracey can help you to decide what would be best suited to your needs.

Theory sessions 300,000IDR +/- US$20 per hour (some areas take 1/2 hour some can take more than 1 hour)

Theory and 1 dive 1,000,000IDR +/-US$76

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