Sekumpul Waterfalls – Bali

The Sekumpul Waterfalls is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Bali. It is the number 1 thing to do in Singaraja (according to trip advisor). 

Sekumpul is actually the Indonesian word for group. This is appropriate as there is actually 7 waterfalls all in the same area. 


How to get there

Take the coastal road south east from singaraja. After about 7km you will see a sign post to Sekumpul. Take the road on the right and follow it up into the hills for about another 10km. The  car park is on the right side as you go around a corner. Again it is signposted. If you are driving a car you will need to stop here, however if you are on a motor bike you can continue along the road. 

Walking or driving a motorbike follow the path. There will be a turning to the left after about 100 meters, also signposted. Continue along this path for another kilometre. There is a few restaurants and shops along this part of the path, if you want some food or snacks I recommend you stop at one of these as there is nothing actually at the waterfalls. 

Path - sekumpul

Eventually you will arrive at a small ticket office. The entry fee is 10,000IDR. 

From here you will have to walk as you will soon be descending a large number of stairs. 

Stairs - sekumpul


At the top of the stairs you get your first glimpse of the waterfalls. 

Sekumpul waterfall 1

As you continue down the stairs you will be able to spot the rest. 

Sekumpul waterfall 2


Amongst the waterfalls

Once at the bottom of the steps you will cross a bridge. 

Bridge - sekumpul

From here there are several paths to take to the waterfalls. All of the will involve walking through the river at some point, and you will get wet. 

Sekumpul waterfall 3


Tips and advice

Allow a couple of hours for your visit. It is a long walk and you may want to go swimming and take lots of pictures. 

Take water, sunscreen and a hat, it is hot and very humid, parts of the path don’t have very much shade. 

Wear sensible clothes, comfortable walking shoes and shorts are a good idea. I was wearing jeans and even though I rolled them up they still got wet walking through the river. 

Finally some advice from a professional photographer. Take some kind of protection for your camera. A plastic bag or waterproof case. The spray from the waterfall travels far and is so fine that you will barely notice it covering your camera and getting inside to ruin all the electronics. 

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