Review of Dubai Desert Safaris

I was really looking forward to this trip to explore the desert near Dubai. However it was not what I had expected.


The Drive

We were picked up at 3:35pm (5 minutes late, I did not mind). There was a small traffic jam getting out of the city. (Again this didn’t bother me). Our first stop was at a small shop on the side of the road for a toilet break, where there was at least 10 other cars and the toilet que was very long. I was the last of our group out of the bathroom and the driver was already in the car beeping his horn for me to get in.

Dubai Desert Safar   Dubai Desert Safari
Once off the road we stopped to deflate the tires, and the driver said we would wait a few minutes for some other cars to arrive so we could go for the dune bashing together. I asked if it was ok to get out and take some pictures as the sun was already close to setting and the light was amazing. I took only two pictures before the driver called me back into the car. He started to drive before I had even closed my door or put my seatbelt on.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bashing

The dune bashing was much slower than I had expected, and we often had to stop and wait for the car infront to move out of the way. I wasn’t sure why we had waited for the other cars.
Finally we stopped just as the sun was setting, and were told it was time to take photos. I am not even sure if we had 5 minutes, before once again the driver was beeping the horn.

Dubai Desert Safari

The Camp

We were then taken to the camp where there was many activities, such as camel riding, ATV, henna, and more. We only had time to ride the camel before the first dance started, dinner was served, and we ate whilst watching a belly dancer. Then it was over.

Dubai Desert Safari
So my overall option is that they have tried to squeeze too many activities into a short time. Having a pick up time of maybe 2 o’clock would allow for traffic jams, more photo taking time and a more relaxed atmosphere. Staying an extra hour at the camp would allow you to experience every activity on offer. Most people wouldn’t mind getting home at 10pm.

Dubai Desert safari   Dubai Desert Safari   Dubai Desert safari

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