Photo Challenge: Using a Macro Lens for Street Photography.

Kuala Lumpur is a city which I have spent a lot of time in and have therefore already photographed the main sites. So on a recent trip there I decided to challenge myself to using a macro lens for street photography. 

Traditionally street photographers shoot portraits using a 50mm lens or cityscapes using a wide angle or fish eye. I was using a canon 100mm F2.8. 

Before I started the challenge I was worried about finding any subjects which were small enough to fit in the frame of a macro lens. However once I started walking around I was finding subjects everywhere. These subjects fitted into three categories:


The macro lens allows you to get closer to subjects and capture only part of it. This technique can create many interesting patterns. Once you start looking they appear everywhere. 


Unfortunately trash is a problem in Kuala Lumpur, like most Asian Cities. If you venture down any back streets you can find piles of it. Again this trash can be used to make patterns or you can focus on the details.


Cigarette butts

Similar to the trash theme but these are small enough to easily fit in the frame of the macro lens. I found cigarette butts both on the ground and in ash trays. Both of which made some interesting photos. 



Unfortunately none of this images can be called beautiful but it is a side of the city which many people do not normally see. 

Why don’t you also do the challenge. Post your results in the comments below. 

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