Photo Challenge – Pick a Colour

I recently read about a photo challenge on a photography blog I follow. Today I was bored so decided to try it out. The challenge was quite simple; pick a colour and then take photos of subjects which are that colour. 

The Colour Red

I decided to keep it simple and chose the colour red. Being in the centre of Kuala Lumpur on a hot sunny day I didn’t want to be outside for too long and thought that the colour red would be easy to photograph.

I was right. As soon as I walked out of my hotel there was red subjects everywhere I looked. I actually had to stop and think about where to start and how I wanted to undertake this shoot.

There was a range of subjects from construction barriers to sign posts to pay phones and chairs. I did not photograph every red subject. I picked and chose what was the most interesting.


After half an hour out in the hot Malaysian sun, I gave up. I was happy with the photos I had taken and was feeling a lot more inspired and defiantly less bored. This was a fun activity to pass a little bit of time. 

Go and have a go at this challenge yourself. Pick any colour you like and take a walk around you local town. Let me see what you come up with by posting in the comments below. 


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