PDF Photography Courses

For many people, visiting Bali is not an option. To solve this problem Tracey is re-writing her courses as downloadable PDF files. They contain in depth knowledge of the chosen subject, example images, bullet point lists and subsections. The courses are easy to follow and make a good reference material to find information quickly.

The benefits of PDF files that you can save the file to your phone, tablet or computer. If you prefer something physical it is also easy to print out. Later on your dive trip you can refer to this document with no need for an internet connection.

Tracey’s experience includes a degree in photography, more than 10 years of shooting pictures above the water, and 5 years underwater. She has won awards on underwaterphotography.com and Silenty 4. You can find examples of her work published on the underwater photography guide and a selections of dive shop and resort websites. 

New courses will be released each month so be sure to check back regularly or sign up to the Newsletter to get updates directly to your email.

If there is something you would like to have a course about or if you have and questions about these course please send a Message.


Underwater Camera Care


Raw vs Jpeg


Adobe Lightroom – Part 1


Adobe Lightroom – Part 2


Adobe Lightroom – Part 3


Adobe Lightroom App


Adobe Lightroom – Package


Super Macro with Diopters