My Favourite Blog Sites to Follow

In my previous blog I spoke about why it is important for photographers to follow various blogs. 

I will now give you a list of my favourite blogs to follow. This should help you to decide which blogs to follow yourself.


Digital Photography School

Digital Photography school screen shot

This is a great site for both new and old photographers. There are hundreds of tips and tutorial blogs covering all the common genres of photography. They even have tutorials on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The other main section of the blog covers equipment reviews. There is also a weekly photo challenge to get your creativity flowing. 

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Underwater Photography Guide

Underwater Photography Guide Screen Shot

Continuing along the same lines, this blog site is filled with tutorials and equipment reviews. The main difference is that this site is focused on underwater photography. In my early days of shooting underwater I learnt a lot from this site. I am now please to say that I have had an article published there. 

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Dive Photo Guide

Dive Photo Guide Screen Shot

Similar to the last site with articles about underwater photography techniques and equipment. However I really like their photographer of the week posts where they show new photographers each week. 

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National Geographic

National Geographic Screen Shot

It is every nature photographers dream to have something published by National Geographic. I follow them not only to read the amazing and interesting stories which they are constantly posting but also to get inspiration. The quality of the photos is incredible and standard of the writing phenomenal. 

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Hub Spot Screen Shot

This one is not directly related to photography but I find it very useful in building and marketing my website. This is a free marketing resources website. A lot of the blogs are aimed at larger businesses and are therefore not very useful to me. However at least once a week a blog will come through giving tips on creating a Facebook ad or how to improve your SEOs. If you are trying to build a photography business this is something you should be following. 

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Scuba Diver Life

Scuba Diver Life Screen Shot

Again not related to photography, but it related to the other side of my business, scuba diving. It is just as important to keep up with what is happening in you relevant niche as it to keep up with photography. For example if you are a wedding photographer you might want to follow a bridal magazine. 

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The Photographer’s Gallery

The photographer's Gallery Screen Shot

A big photography gallery in London. Their blog gives regular new on upcoming exhibitions. Although I don’t live in England anymore and it would be very difficult for me to visit the exhibitions I still like to get inspiration from what is being shown even if I can’t see all of the work. 

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The Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery Screen Shot

When I lived in the UK this was my favourite art gallery to visit. The art work on display was usually very abstract and unusual. One thing I like about following this blog is the regular posts about old artists on their birthdays or the anniversary of their death. This means that I can take inspiration from old art work. 

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IFLScience screenshot

This blog covers everything science based. Environment, technology, space, health and medicine, the brain, plants and animals, physics, and chemistry. Of course not all of the blogs relate directly to my work but the majority are still very interesting and factual. The articles are often short and get to the point quickly which I like. 

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Tracey Jones Photography

Tracey Jones Photography blog screen shot

Finally I am going to tell you about my own blog. I do not need to follow this myself as I am of course the writer, but I think that it is something you should be following. I try to write a mixture of articles on diving, photography, and my own travel stories. If there is anything you would like me to write about or you have an article you would like me to publish as a guest writer please send me a message

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