Mt Agung and a Hidden Temple

I left home to take a picture of Mt Agung, but ended up having an adventure. It was mid-morning and the sunlight was falling perfectly on the volcano’s east face. The clouds, which surround the summit every afternoon, were starting to gather.


I kept driving towards the volcano trying to find the perfect clear shot. Turning down a track with a dirty signpost, I found myself in a dry riverbed. Finally I had a bare landscape.



The Temple

But after taking the picture curiosity got the better of me. That signpost was pointing to something, what is up this track. A few kilometers later I stopped at the bottom of a staircase leading to a broken gate. Beyond the gate was an abandoned Temple.



Between the unfinished shrines and piles of dry leaves you could see Mt Agung.



Turning round I was presented with a beautiful view over the jungle, down to the sea. Only then did I realize how far I had come up this little track.




The place was so pretty I couldn’t understand why it had been abandoned, especially with so many unfinished structures. With a little care this could become a special place.


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