Mola Mola

It is days like today that I really really love my job.


I was following students on a deep adventure dive at the Tulumben Drop Off. The instructor finished the skills and started to ascend, but I decided to stay deep a little longer and check out a patch of coral I had never been to before.

Swimming around the coral at 25 meters I looked back and realised that in the bad visibility I had lost sight of the group. I was about to turn back when I noticed something big a few meters below me. I first thought it was a whale shark but it was too small.

As it came closer I saw the round disk with two massive fins; the unmistakable shape of a mola mola. First thought was to call the group, but they were too far away, second thought no-one is going to believe me, third thought I have a camera.

Cautiously I descended to 33 meters where the mola mola came to meet me and swam right into my lens. However the flash of my strobe scared the curious creature and it slowly turned and sank back to the dark depths below.

I wanted to stay and wait for more, but I was alone at 33 meter and close to my deco time, it was not a good idea, so I swam back to find the group again, wondering how I was going to break the news.

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