3 Reasons Why YOU Should be Following Photography Blogs

Blogging has become a massive thing over the past decade. Everyday 2 million new blogs are posted. How many of these do you read? 
It is impossible for you to read everything so in this blog series I am going to talk about what you should be reading. But first lets have a look at why you should be following blogs.


Improve your photography skills

If you are a new photographer this is a great source of information. There are many blogs which are aimed at new photographers and teaching them the basics of photography. This can include basic exposure information or simple tips on landscape photography.

If you are an experienced photography it is still important to follow this type of blog. As a photographer you should be constantly trying to improve and grow. This is essential to ensure that your work does not get stuck in a rut or left behind in this constantly developing world. There are quite a few blogs which will go into more advanced or specialist techniques.  

What do you do when your strobes break blog


Get Inspiration

Following other photographer and artists is a great way to get inspiration for your own work. Try to follow a mix of artists so you can take in many different influences. Look for a few artists who are working in the same area or genre as you. Take a close look at their work, how does it differ from your? Then look for some artists who are doing something completely different, will any of their techniques work for you? For example if you are an underwater photographer following a studio photographer can give you some tips on lighting. If you are a portrait photographer following a landscape photographer you can get new ideas for location shots.

Photographing an Underwater Wedding


Keep up to date

The world of photography is constantly changing. It seems that every month there is a new camera on the market. There is new photographers being discovered and exposed every day. New experimental techniques are popping up all over the place.

Follow a camera shops blog to keep up to date with all the new equipment. Having an idea of what is being released will make it easier when you are ready to buy that new lens. It will also stop you from looking and feeling stupid when a photography friend asks you about the specs of the new canon G9x II. There is a downside to this though and that is that your wish list will not stop growing.

Following blogs from art galleries and magazines will help you discover those new photographers and techniques. This relates back to the last point in that it will help you to find inspiration.


In my next blog post I will give you a list of my favourite blog sites to help you decide what to follow. 

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