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Recently I have started teaching photography courses for both above and below the water. This is something which brings me a lot of joy. I have been doing photography for more than 10 years and 5 years under the water, so decided it was time to start sharing some of my knowledge.

To find out more on how I became an Underwater Photographer please read my blog on the subject: How did you become an Underwater Photographer?


Teaching Photography as a Profession for Lea

In July I was contacted by a friend of a friend who was just starting out as a professional underwater photographer. She was planning a holiday to Bali at the beginning of September and wanted to spend some time shadowing me. Her aim was to see how I ran my business and spend some time improving her photography.

Before arriving I asked her to send me some pictures so I could get an idea of her level. The following are two of the better images she sent. In both of these images the composition was good but the lighting and white balance was not quite there. Many of the other images contained bad composition, backscatter and focus problems.

By Lėa Bijaoui
By Lėa Bijaoui


By Lėa Bijaoui
By Lėa Bijaoui


I made a three day plan for lea, which consisted of her following me through my normal days work, some short lessons and photo reviews. I made a lesson especially for her which covered all the areas of a photography business from marketing to insurance. Other lessons I planned on squeezing included focus, lighting and composition.

I was lucky that on the three days she was here I had different jobs with different instructors and dive sites. This showed Lea how I adapt my process for different situations.

Although it was three very long and busy days, I had a lot of fun. We were constantly talking about photography and she even gave me some new ideas to try out.

Lea is now back to working on developing her own business. I have seen a few pictures on Facebook taken by her and they are defiantly an improvement on what she originally sent me. I hope she has taken on board some of what was in the business lesson and wish her luck.

By Lėa Bijaoui
Dragon By Lėa Bijaoui
This was one of the final pictures Lea took during the course.


Short on Time with Donovan

Donovan was in Bali on a short holiday with his wife. She was not so into photography and had not been feeling very well so Donovan didn’t want to leave her alone for too long.

He participated in a few specialty courses with me. Due to his limitation of time I combined exposure, focus, strobe position and raw vs jpeg into one hour. Focusing on just the key elements relevant to Donovan.

For our second lesson Donovan wanted to learn about Adobe Lightroom. Again he only had one hour to spend on this, so we went through the Lightroom app. In addition I provided material for the full Lightroom course to read once he was back home in Hawaii.

This is what he had to say:
“I would like to recommend Tracey Jones as a photography instructor.

In preparation for my recent trip to Bali I bought a new underwater camera.

This camera required more in-depth knowledge about Photography principles than I had and even after taking a PADI Underwater Photography course, I still was not quite clear about correct F-stop / aperture settings, shutter speed,ISO,  lighting and strobe placement and other skills.

Sitting with Tracey for 1 hour cleared so much of my understanding of these topics up for me.  She is very good at setting a pace for learning , exactly from where I was at and her written materials on these subject (her own course literature) had such concise wording and graphical examples that I left that 1st hour much better prepared for the next day of diving and UW photography.

I sat with her for another hour a few days later and we reviewed my pictures and she gave me good feedback about their composition, focus, lighting etc..  but the topic of that session was Adobe Lightroom and she showed me the basics of the software in such an approachable way that I left very confident that I could refine my images for presentation.  Again, her course material on Lightroom was the take-away gem for it proved very valuable in teaching me other aspects of the software and as reference material for my photo editing work.

I highly recommend Tracey Jones for any coaching or photography education work!

Regards, -Donovan Tyler”
By Donovan Tyler
By Donovan Tyler


By Donovan Tyler
By Donovan Tyler


Why do I enjoy teaching photography so much?

Ever since I discovered photography I have been obsessed with it. I feel lost if I am without my camera for a few days. It is my love and my passion.

Underwater photography combines this with another love of mine, the water. I have been swimming from a very young age and have always enjoyed being submerged. Scuba diving came very naturally to me.

I am normally a very quiet or shy person. This is until you start me talking about photography. Sharing my knowledge and thoughts on techniques gives me an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. I love seeing the expression on someones face when they finally start to understand what is going wrong in their pictures. Basically I enjoy the feeling of being able to help a person.

A Course for You

If you are thinking of doing a course here in Bali above or below the water, please do not hesitate to Contact me. We can set up something similar to the stories you have read above or create a completely new plan.

Alternatively I am in the process of creating downloadable PDF courses which you can access from home and obtain my knowledge without coming to Bali.


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