How to Choose the Correct Stock Photography Site for You

In my previous blog I talked about why you should be selling you photographs on stock photography websites. In this blog I will go through how to choose the right stock site for you. 


What to Look for when Choosing a Stock Photography Site

  1. Copyright Information. – Usually you will be able to keep the copyright of your images. However there may be clauses which allow the company to use your images in certain ways. For example they may use your image to promote the site, or share it on their social media. 
  2. The type of licences you will be selling. – Not all of the site will give out details on every licence they sell. It is often possible for a customer to create their own custom licence depending on the use. Look out for licences which are sensitive, pornographic, defamatory, deceptive, libelous, obscene, or illegal.
  3. Releases. – What type of releases are required? Does the site have their own forms for you to download or guidelines for you to follow when making your own.
  4. Restrictions on opening an account. – Some sites do not allow you to have more than one account with them. Some sites do not like it if you sell your images on another stock site. 
  5. Payment. – How much are the royalties you will receive for each sale? What is the payment method they provide? How often are the payouts? Is there a minimum payout?
  6. Referral Programmes. – Is there any benefits of referring customers or contributors?
  7. Taxes – Is the company based in your home country? Is it easy to inform the tax office of your extra earnings?
  8. Submission Guidelines. – Can your images meet the submission guidelines, including image and file size? Is the upload process easy to use with multiple files or do they accept ftp uploads? 
  9. Current content. – Have a look at the content which is already on the site. Take some time to have a look through what is selling well and what types of images appear to be missing from the collection. Do your images fit into these categories? 



This may seem like a lot to think about but treat it like accepting a new job. You will always read the contract before you sign it. If you have multiple offers you would compare the contract and then decide which is better suited for you. 

I can’t tell you which is the best stock photography site, only you can make that decision. But I hope that this list has helped you with that. 

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