Cameron Valley Tea Plantation

Cameron Valley (aka Bharat) is the second largest tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands. It is located 5km South of Tanah Rata town. The plantation was established in 1933 and is now one of the main tourist attractions in the Cameron Highlands.


My Visit to the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation

I decided to walk to the plantation from my hotel in Tanah Rata. The walk was not very interesting because it was along the main road. However this made it relatively easy. 

At the plantation there is a path leading down into the fields. You can walk down here although there are signs saying enter at your own risk. It is nice to have a look at the tea bushes and smell the leaves. 

Back on the road is a tea shop, gift shop and toilets. From here you can enjoy the view over the whole plantation. 


I was not overwhelmed by this attraction. I found that there was not very much to do and therefore I became bored quite quickly. There was also a lot of tourists there when I visited which made the place crowded. 

This is a nice place to drive past, however I do not feel that it worth stopping and walking around. 


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