Bali Mula Unik – Ubud

Driving around Ubud looking for some nice rice fields to photograph, I turn off the main road. I hope that the smaller back roads will show me some hidden secrets. However I didn’t expect to find this little gem.



Bali Mula Unik is a new resort which has been open for about two months. It is a short drive out of the busy tourist town of Ubud in Bali. Ubud is famous for being surrounded by rice fields but this hotel is something very different.


I stopped not far from where I had turned because the road took a very sharp decent and I was not sure if the breaks on my bike would be good enough. However I was still intrigued as to what was down there, so I started walking.


Almost immediately I was picked up by a local going down to the resort. His bike looked more secure than my own, so I jumped on. He introduced himself as Made Bom Bom, the owner of the resort.


The River

Made told me that below the resort is a river flowing with holy water. He said every visitor should swim in this river to be blessed by the gods. Unfortunately I did not have any swim wear with me, but I still went down the steps he pointed me to and dipped my feet in the cool clear water.


The river has carved a very deep crevice between the two hills. These hills are covered in jungle trees, plants and insects. The place is peaceful and stunningly beautiful. I could have sat on the bench by the river for hours just listening to and watching the nature.  


Bali mula unik river

bali mula unik waterfall

The Resort

Too quickly Made came and found me to show me the huts where his guest would stay. They were very small and basic huts with no furniture just a mat on the floor. The bathrooms were outside. 100,000IDR is a good price for these rooms, but you are paying for the location and not the quality of the room.


Construction has just started on some villas which should provide a better quality room and attract more people to the resort. Once the villas are finished I would consider spending a few nights in the resort, just to get away from everything.


Before Made took me back up the hill to my bike, his brother tried to teach me how to play the traditional Balinese xylophone. I was not very good and need a lot more practice.

Bali mula unik huts

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