Amed Attractions

Amed is a small local fishing village in the East of Bali which has now become popular with tourists. From Amed there is a standard full day trip to local attractions. A driver can be hired for around 600,000IDR or you can rent a car/scooter.

Luang Prabang  

This is a traditional Balinese temple complex built up the side of a mountain. There are 5 temples in total and 1700 steps linking them. The first temple, situated just above the car park is the largest and most impressive. Three dragon stairways lead up to what are already stunning views.

If you walk the full 1700 steps you can visit all five temples. Or you can take a direct route straight to the top two temples. Both paths are through the jungle which provides some shade from the hot Bali sun. This Jungle is also home to many cheeky monkeys.

The hike will take about 3 hours but the 360 degree views are defiantly worth the trouble. Plenty of photo opportunities of mount Agung, and across the sea to Lombok.


Tirti Ganga

A water garden and swimming baths for the local Balinese. It is small and can easily be explored in less than an hour. You can go for a swim, feed the fish and jump around the stepping stones, a perfect place to relax with the family.

The gardens are well kept and the combination of colorful flowers and baliness architecture make photo opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. The beauty of this place can only be explained in pictures.


Ujung Water Palace

This was a place for the Baliness kings and queens to come on holiday in the early 1900’s. The palace itself is very small and now just a tourist attraction, but the grounds are large and like tirti ganga well kept with a good combination of flowers and baliness architecture.

Although it is much bigger than tirti ganga it can still be walked around in an hour as there are not the opportunites for swimming or feeding the fish.


Coast Road from Amed to Ujung

A nice way to start the day is to take the windy coastal road south out of Amed. This narrow road will add an hour or more to your journey but there are some stunning view points and the chance to capture photos of traditional life in some of the small fishing villages.

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