Adobe Lightroom Course – 1/2 Day

Adobe Lightroom course screen shot

Learn the Basics of Adobe Lightroom in just half a day with this Adobe Lightroom course. 

Editing photos is something which every photographer should do. It provides the opportunity to turn a good photo into something great and using Adobe Lightroom this is very simple.

By splitting the course into three sections it becomes a great introduction to how Lightroom works.

  • First of all Importing and Organizing your photos.
  • Editing techniques.
  • Finally Exporting for Various Mediums.

As a result of completing the course you will have a more general idea of what Lightroom can do. Most importantly you will have the knowledge to continue experimenting by yourself and find your own way of working with the application.

1/2 day – 1,000,000IDR +/-US$75

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