3 Day Underwater Photography Course – 5 dives

3 day underwater photography course

A 3 day underwater photography course designed for those looking to not just cover the basics but also work on some special areas of their choice.

Day one starts by looking through pictures you have taken before and discussing what you would like to learn and how to do that. Tracey will use examples of her own work and other photographers to show you what can be done.

Before diving you will go through cleaning and care for both the camera and housing.

You will only do one dive on the first day. During this dive you will look at exposure and white balance. After the dive there will be a debriefing session.

In the afternoon Tracey will spend a couple of hours teaching you how to use Adobe Lightroom.

Day 2 you will do two dives; the first will look at composition. The second will be the first of the 3 specialty dives which you complete on the third day.

At the end of each day there will be a photo review session.

For the speciality courses you can choose from the following list:

  • Manual exposure
  • Composition
  • Focus
  • White balance
  • Wide angle
  • Macro
  • Fish
  • Photographing divers
  • Strobe use
  • Larger marine life
  • Wrecks
  • Shooting upwards & silhouettes
  • Close focus wide angle
  • Drift dive
  • Low visibility
  • Working as Underwater Photographer
  • Underwater video basics
  • Camera Care
  • Over under shots
  • Super macro
  • Using wet lenses
  • Night dive
  • Raw vs Jpeg
  • Any other area of your choice

3 days – 5 dives – 4,750,000IDR +/- US$365

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